You Don't Have to be a Superstar

I have never been good enough to do anything. At least, that’s what you would assume if you were hanging around my brain, eavesdropping on conversations going on inside. I’m not sure why you would want to do, that since deciphering all the different threads of topics being discussed in there is a full-time job, but if you listened carefully, you would notice one message raising its voice louder than the others. In everything I do, it’s guaranteed that one line will repeat in my brain until it’s all I can hear:

You are not good enough to do this.

It’s relentless. Honestly, it’s enough to make a girl give up. Forget leading anything. Don’t give me any responsibility. I’m just going to be curled up over here on the couch with some popcorn and bingeing every Hallmark movie ever made, since I may not be good at anything else, but I make ridiculously good popcorn. Besides, everything always works out in the Hallmark world, which makes it the perfect place to hide.
I know I’m not alone in this. It doesn’t matter who we are, how much experience we have, or what we’ve been asked to do—when God gives us an assignment, the onslaught comes quickly:

You’re not educated enough. 

You’re not old enough. 

You’re not young enough.

You’re not strong enough, gentle enough, funny enough, wise enough.

You’re not cool or “hip” enough (or whatever word people who are actually cool and hip use these days).

You’re not [fill in the blank] enough.

It’s okay. You can join me on my couch if you want. I’ve got lots of room and I can make a double-batch of popcorn (or triple? I mean, it’s really good!). Just promise you won’t throw it at me when I say this next thing, okay?


You are not good enough.

And I’m not good enough. 

None of us are good enough! 

We don’t like to hear it, but it’s the truth. No matter how experienced, skilled, talented, educated, or hard working we are, we will always fall short at some point. We will fail. We will “not be good enough”. But you know what the good news is? God already knew that when He called you. 

And He called you anyway. 

When our focus gets fixed on the “am I good enough” debate raging in our heads, we miss something very important. We miss the fact that God doesn’t need us. He really doesn’t. In fact, things would go much smoother if He just left us out of His plans altogether! 

I think about this often when one of my kids asks to help with dinner because, well, I hate it when my kids want to help in the kitchen. I know there are moms out there who are actually telling the truth when they say they love cooking with their kids, but I am not that mom. I just want to get the meal made as quickly as possible with as little mess as possible, and involving my kids in the process means guaranteed failure at both of those goals. It does, however, bring success in two other goals I have—to spend time with my children, and train them to be responsible adults (who will hopefully not still be expecting me to feed them when they’re 35).

God has goals too. He has a plan He’s working on, and it’s not just about accomplishing the tasks He’s asked us to help with. He wants us to be with Him, not just working for Him, and that’s why He still chooses to involve us, even though He doesn’t need us. God takes care us by being good enough for us, because on our own, we will never be good enough for Him.

So when God calls us to do the hard things, the crazy things, the “there is no chance I am anywhere near good enough to do this” things, we can actually say yes without hesitating. We can move forward without constantly wondering if we’re actually the right person for the job, because we know it’s not a matter of whether we have the knowledge and ability and strength, but whether our Father does. 

When we choose to obey instead of freezing in fear or escaping to a safe, perfect Hallmark world with a bowl of popcorn, a beautiful thing happens. We get to see God move in ways we could never have imagined as He empowers us and fills in for every weakness He already knew we had. We get to do things we would never be good enough to do on our own and we get to experience the incredible joy of doing it hand in hand with our Father.

When God is the One asking, you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re good enough. 

You don’t have to be a superstar. 

You just have to say yes.

“And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” 

- 2 Corinthians 9:8

By Jessica Powell


Jessica has been married to her husband, Gary, for fifteen years and together they have three wonderful kids. She is passionate about leading others to know and believe God in a way that transforms every area of their lives. It’s a passion that became very personal when God called them to move to BC from Ontario two years ago, giving her a much deeper appreciation for how difficult faith can be at times! In her spare time, Jessica loves to watch baseball (especially the Blue Jays!), read a good book, or just relax with her family.

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