Enable Others to Act

We usually hear the word “enabler” and we picture the dysfunctional relationship that often exists when addiction issues are present. The truth is, every aspect of our interactions, including “enabling” has a negative and a positive side. In the sphere of developing leaders, enabling the women you mentor to lead and make decisions is vital for building confidence and deepening their grit level. 

This Leadership Challenge principle requires that you, as the mentor, take a risk. 

You actually need to make room for your mentee to succeed or fail all on their own. If you are reading this and your role is that of a team, leader, you are probably thinking that this is a bad idea. Yes, it might be in the short run, but I want you to think back to your early days of ministry…. Oh right!!! 

I know that I don’t even have to think back too far to recall some less than stellar decisions that I was allowed to make on my own that did not turn out so well. (aka: the tee shirts for women’s ministry that read “GET REAL” right across the chest… you get the idea!) 

You see, the “upside” of enabling your team members to take action is that now they also get to experience the joy of accountability. It is in the tension of making a decision and then being held accountable for the result that maturity, clear thinking and ownership are birthed in every young leader. 

So go ahead: Enable your team members to take a risk and then follow up and assess the process with them and help them to learn and grow through it. Just think about what God will do through young women across this province who, with confidence born in the process of enablement, will take a risk for the Kingdom!


By Krista Penner

Krista enjoys life with her family in Mission, BC. She is actively involved in Leadership Development for Fellowship Pacific and in that role is privileged to travel across BC helping churches develop leaders. When not speaking or writing, Krista loves to spend time in her kitchen. Cooking is a passion that she pursues, even reading cookbooks like they are novels! She is married to Jerome and together they share three great kids, Linden, Erika and Marty.

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