The Proverbs 31 Superwoman

I’ll admit it, thinking about the Proverbs 31 woman tends to make me cringe a little. Looking at her through my 2018 eyes, I find her out of context, and her “domestic” life is difficult to understand. Those exact thoughts were what sparked the challenge I needed to dig into these verses and see what God had to say as I read about this biblical Superwoman.  All scripture is God-breathed as 2 Timothy 3:16 reminds us, so I knew “something” was there that needed to be found.

Here’s what I discovered…The Proverbs 31 woman is one who diligently and methodically plans and prepares. As the verses of Proverbs 31:10-31 progress, these scriptures are calls to have noble character, bring good to those around you, work eagerly, select wisely, provide and portion out, consider well, have strength, be open, be fearless, have endurance, speak wisdom and offer faithful instruction. They also illustrate the fruit that comes from intentionality and perseverance.  Check them out for yourself! Are these calls not the marks of a good leader and a faithful Jesus-follower? Can her noble character not be linked substantially to the fruit grown from planning and preparation?

When I read about these traits, I was given fresh eyes to see a woman of significance – in both reach and character. She is a woman who is a leader within her sphere of influence who plans and prepares well.  I think the reason in verse 25 that she can laugh at tomorrow is because she planned and prepared well today! She is ready – both in thought and deed. She has confidence in her God, her abilities and her actions. She took initiative after forethought.


Superwoman acted only after she prepared and planned.

As I analyze my own ministry, I am reminded to grow in a few areas. Preparation, not relying  solely on my own capacity, and my ability to work on the fly all leave room for improvement. I can see areas that could become more successful, more effective, and more God-honouring if I honed raw ability with additional preparation.  Culture-shaping and team-building could grow even more if I planned and prepared not only myself, but my team in a more impactful way.

As leaders, we must plan - I must plan - so that we can say we laugh at the days to come and we have been credited with all the characteristics of our Proverbs 31 Superwoman.

By Kim Savage

Kim Savage is wife, mother, ambitious career gal and most importantly a beloved daughter of the Most High King and follower of Jesus.  Kim came to faith in her late teens through Young Life and she has spent most of her career in project management and leadership for the non-profit sector.  Only in the last couple years did God call her into ministry.  Kim currently serves at Gracepoint Community Church.  She has a heart for the marginalized and believes that God calls His church to be His hands and feet in the world – making a significant impact in our communities.

Kim Savage