Are You Listening?

With each new season, God chases us down with His creation.  He’s crying out to us and saying, “look at Me, look what I can do; LISTEN TO ME!”

The root word of listen is honour.  The first step of learning to listen is learning to honour the things around you. It has been determined that in order to truly see the beauty of something, you must look at it for at least 16 seconds for it to really sink in.  Have you studied the face of a child lately? What about the intricacy of an orchid? Have you stopped to really honour what God is trying to show you?  


God promises that He will make all things new.  (Isaiah 43:19) Take the season of spring, for example. Spring is a time of a new beginnings, like spring cleaning.  After the heaviness of winter, creation once again springs forth and breaks free. Spring can also be a time of rejuvenation for us as God’s ultimate creation.  If we listen, He will remind of us of who we are, and who He’s created us to be. This reminder will most likely take some pruning. Pruning can be painful, but it’s always positive. Pruning strips us back to the basics.  All the old leaves and branches are pushed aside with a high-power leaf blower. The white noise in our lives is reduced and once again, we can hear God in our lives.

I like to ask God to speak through His people to confirm what the spirit is saying to me.  If I ask, He will do it. If I take the time to listen – He speaks (loudly).  I like to practice a posture of pruning to ensure I’m on the right track.  

Each morning, I stare out my bedroom window before I get out of bed to start the day.  I look out at His creation. The trees. The eagle’s nest. The sky. And I ask Him – what do you have for me today? I’m listening!

What do you need to prune this season?  Are you honouring your creator? Are you listening?


By Lisa Carpenter
Lisa grew up in the desert of California as a pastors kid but came back to Canada in 1996.  She went to school for business and had a successful sales career before being called into ministry. 

Lisa has been working at Village Church since the summer of 2012. She believes that life is all about serving Jesus and has personally experienced his healing power and redemption.  Her joy is contagious. She is administrative and hospitable, and her family and friends will tell you that whatever Lisa does is organized, intentional, and personal. She is married to Pete and together they've raised three lovely millennials.  Lisa became a grandmother in August of this year.  

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