Another Retreat? Are you kidding!

My first interaction with a group of women who had gathered to “retreat” was less than stellar. In fact, I determined after serving as a waitress all weekend at the camp where they were “retreating”,  if I ever said I was going to a women’s retreat, somebody should shoot me as I most certainly had lost my mind!

That was in the year of our Lord, 1987.

Since that time, God has taken me on a journey that has included more “retreating” with women than I care to recall based simply on the cold hard fact it is now 2018 and math does not paint me as spring chicken!

Why do we pack our bags and head to a camp, hotel or conference center anyway?

For some of us, it’s a great excuse to escape from the routine of caring for family, doing food prep and standing outside on soggy Saturday mornings watching soccer games.

The motivation for “retreating” is usually a combination of connecting with friends and on a deeper level, a hunger for more of God. In its truest form, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “retreat(ing)” as to withdraw from enemy forces as a result of their superior power or after a defeat.”

In the paradigm of leadership, the attack by the enemy is real and the retreat is meant to be a re-grouping so that you can move forward with renewed vigor. The enemy can come from without (our circumstances) or within (our reaction to our circumstances). In the messiness of life and the leadership God has called you to, there is a time to take a step back and Pray, Plan and Play.

This is not a retreat in vanquishment but a retreat to restore.

“God, my strength, my stronghold, my safe retreat when trouble descends.”

Jeremiah 16:19 (The Message)

The Leverage team is creating a space for you to do just that in October 2018. The reason we feel compelled to do this is because there is a time in the life of every leader to regroup and recharge.

Our retreat is called P3 because we are going to look at three aspects of leadership that are vital to every leader:

·         Carving out time to Pray

·         Planning with Creativity

·         Using the art of Play to strengthen your team

This retreat is unique because we are going to have three segments on each of these values and we will explore the impact they have on how we lead.

You can stay with us in Vancouver or you can commute in each day.

Our retreat window is Wednesday evening October 17 – Friday noon October 19th.

I hope that you will make your plans to join us.  You can find all the details when you register HERE.

By Krista Penner


Krista enjoys life with her family in Mission, BC. She is actively involved in Leadership Development for Fellowship Pacific and in that role is privileged to travel across BC helping churches develop leaders. When not speaking or writing, Krista loves to spend time in her kitchen. Cooking is a passion that she pursues, even reading cookbooks like they are novels! She is married to Jerome and together they share three great kids, Linden, Erika, and Marty.

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