Part I: Authentic Leadership: The “Mini- Me” Philosophy

CS Lewis, a legend in literature, describes in his book Mere Christianity what transpires when we believe in the God of the universe, His Son Jesus, His death on the cross, His redemption and forgiveness, and the indwelling of the Holy Ghost: “Every Christian is to be a little Christ.  The whole purpose of becoming a Christian is simply nothing else.”  Lewis presses further and challenges us to not merely be “Christ like” but to take it a step further and be a “version of Christ”.  I call this a “mini-me”.

I have a mini me- my daughter Hannah.  She looks like me – same hair, eyes.  She has my facial expressions, my curves, my mannerisms, and probably even smells like me! Hannah is loving, passionate and empathetic, and I truly desire she would continue to emulate all the good parts of me.  She is my essence, not just my reflection.

If the assignment we are given by God is to become “a little Christ” on this planet, it means becoming a mini-me of Christ. We cannot accomplish that unless we begin to purposely exemplify His character. God is loving, nurturing, caring, strong, just and selfless.  He is a servant, a ruler, a Prince of Peace, the King of kings, Lord of Lords. Jesus is a leader.

So often I’ve heard women, myself included, disqualify ourselves as leaders. We make diminishing statements like:

I’m not a leader but she is.

I have a family, so I don’t have time.

I’m single, I don’t have time.

I can’t speak eloquently.

I don’t know enough about the Bible.

I don’t have money.

I don’t know many people. 

I’m just not qualified.

If we believe we are called as “mini-me’s” of Christ then we are designed to lead. We do not change how God has wired us – what we need to do is redefine what leadership looks like for us, so we don’t run away from the work God has given us to do. Leading doesn’t mean a platform. Leading doesn’t mean a stage. Leading is a heart posture - and God is after our hearts.

In Genesis 17:1-8 El Shaddai, God Almighty, introduces Himself and gives Abram what I call an “assignment”: Serve Me faithfully and live a blameless life.  He follows with a promise: I will guarantee you countless descendants and land. There is no doubt Abram’s assignment to be a “mini-me” was to live out being faithful. In the future, he is deemed with the descriptive title as the “Father of faith,” however, consider the journey it took to live this out for Abram.  It was his special and personal journey of faith, assigned to lead as he was wired by God to accomplish the work God had set out before him to do.

We also are called to be “mini-me’s” and imitate ‘faithfulness,’ which looks different for each one of us. Perhaps your faithfulness is to raise the kids you are entrusted with or to love your friend who is going through a tough time because they need you there for encouragement.  Maybe this means teaching a kids class in Sunday school because not everyone has that special knack for listening to little Margie’s zillion references to unicorns. Maybe you need to gather a group of people in your home and pray for each other, or pick up the phone (heaven forbid) and call someone to encourage them today?

Being a mini-me of Christ means embracing our Holy wiring, and being faithful, active, and blameless in the capacity God has called us to lead.  Your challenge: Are you willing to become the mini-me of Jesus that God has wired and called you to be?

Holy Spirit, bring to mind the areas in my life that I need to be faithful in. Bring to light the areas in my life that I need to work on to be blameless. Heavenly Father, deposit in me the strength that I need to make changes and honor you in this way. In Jesus’ name I ask you. Amen

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By Anne Miranda


Born and raised in Canada with a Lebanese heritage, Anne understands the challenges and beauty of being a first-generation Canadian. Anne is passionate about seeing the lives of women transformed by Jesus and loves encouraging others to reach their full potential as they advance the kingdom of God in their lives. She loves the Bible and is dedicated to training up women to be students of the scriptures as she directs the women’s ministry at Village Church in Surrey, British Columbia. 

Anne and her husband Carlos have been married for eleven years and are parents to Nathaniel and Hannah. She enjoys walks on the beach, cheer leading really loud at her kids sporting events, and exploring new cafés.